Welcome to Earth Uninterrupted. Here pantheons thrive, elves never shut up about being vegan, and and the Man is as devious as ever! Each game is an action-packed episode that will make your heart race, hit you in the face, and without a trace you’ll wake up with your ass in a brace! Yes, we have the heavy dramas, the sexy mamas, the wicked karmas, and even a mean-ass gnome in pajamas!

On the streets of L.A. there’s word of a crew that can help when things get heavy. Ruby-Girl and her people are always busy making the city a better place for paying customers. If the price is right, that could be you.

The D20 Modern system is used for the game in addition to the Urban Arcana supplement. If you’re a player in this campaign, sign up and get your character in the books. We’re making history here!

Earth Uninterrupted: 1977

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