Earth Uninterrupted: 1977

Episode 9
Bars, Cars, & Jars!

Ruby Girl and the crew blast through a pitch pub, steal Madame X, and bust-up canopic jars in time to avert disaster! Yeah, we know we kinda are the disaster. Don’t cry, Gerald. Please, for the love of every god, stop crying…

Episode 8
Ravage Ruby


Heart-shaped Valentine’s treats laced with super-charged love potion flood into L.A. These randy candies spell trouble for Ruby Girl and her crew in the form of lust-crazed psychopaths. You better believe justice is coming to the streets… and a bowling alley?

Episode 7
Handle with Fucking Care

When PCP is mixed with extra-planar blood, “Angel Dust” takes on a whole new meaning.

Episode 6
Time to Kill

“An old-timey slime takes the time for psycho crime from Pomona to Anaheim!”

A gravitational event in a sacred cave sends two enemies from 1893 to 1977. One a killer and one his gun-slinging nemesis. Ruby-Girl, Sam, Cabbie, and Detective Toschi rush to bring modern justice before the killer strikes again!

Episode 5
Mi Amigo Viejo

“Hello darkness, my old friend…”

Ruby-Girl, J.J. and Cabbie bust a meta-human trafficking ring only to be confronted by a very old foe of the Temple of Bast!

Episode 4
Bad Blood at the Bonaventure

“You can bet the head runs red when the dead get fed! This Hollywood vampire tries to mind control the wrong fucking Vietnam vet!”

A dog-napping sends Ruby-Girl, Sam, and Cabbie racing across Hollywood while the clock is ticking. The crew needs to find fido before the star-studded animal welfare benefit that night! But all hell breaks loose at the benefit as one of the undead attacks.

Guest starring: Betty White, Burt Reynolds, Cathy Lee Crosby, and Hal Needham.

Episode 3
Got the Fear!

“Never, ever, wish a motherfucker would!”

The new year starts with a bang as the Sons of Loki try to steal back their holy relic! Ruby-Girl and her crew drop the hammer, but of course the Sons aren’t the only ones itching for a shot.

Episode 2
Dino, Dog, & Diner

“Fist-fights, fingers, & finks!”

Ruby-Girl, Sam, and Cabbie take an embezzling fink to an indian rez for some poetic justice. Of course, a fist fight at a diner and a run in with the Sons of Loki won’t slow ’em down!

Episode 1
Hall Pass

“Detention of the Damned”

Sam and Ruby-Girl chase an embezzler across L.A. County and into a haunted schoolhouse. There they find $30,000 worth of trouble and some unexpected help.


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